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Life is to be lived and we have to know how to get the most out of it, how to squeeze each moment to the fullest. Move is a leisure, tourist and services guide, created with the aim of offering the best experiences in Castellón and Benicàssim. Cities full of vitality in where music, fun and gastronomy are experienced to the limit. Either in the day or night, making the most of the free time is vital to discover new, exotic and trending places, with lots of different plans to enjoy.

Move guide balances functionality and the easiest way to find the latest in hospitality, fashion, wellness, sports, events and shows held every month in the heart of Benicàssim and at the beach. Even though music festivals such as FIB are the main attraction. Move is life and gives you the chance to cultural enrichment throughout a complete agenda suitable for all audiences.

LIFE is short, LIVE your dream.

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Live the “Move Mood” and go deep in the numerous possibilities and leisure plans proposed for you. Starting with skydiving, bike routes or clubs, restaurants, fashion shops or accommodations.

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Discover what to do, new places and trending plans in the city.

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