L'Etrusquino was opened in the spring of 2017 with the illusion of fusing a part of traditional Italian cuisine with the best of the Mediterranean food. Our aim is to offer you the most idyllic gastronomic combination, betting on simplicity and the highest quality products while respecting our product to the fullest.
In l'Etrusquino we think that 'flavor' is linked to 'health', therefore, we have incorporated to our menu healthy and tasty versions of the pizza base. Now we also make pizza bases with spelled flour, wholemeal flour or black charcoal pizza.
But that's not where our work ends, in l'Etrusquino you can taste our delicious potato omelette, our great paellas or our top quality tapas, as well as an attractive proposal of vegetarian dishes, trying to reach the most demanding palates and hearts.

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